Title: Going To Hell
Type: Album
Release: March 18, 2014
Status: Complete

Title: Fucked Up World
Type: Music Video
Release: June 17, 2014
Status: Complete
Sept 10: Boston, Massachusetts
Sept 12: Silver Spring, Maryland
Sept 13: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sept 15: Atlanta, Georgia
Sept 17: North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Sept 20: Orlando, Florida
Sept 21: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Sept 23: Mobile, Alabama
Sept 24: New Orleans, Louisiana
Sept 28: Houston, Texas
Oct 2: Reno, Nevada
Oct 5: Vancouver, British Columbia
Oct 10: Los Angeles, California
Oct 11: Anaheim, California
Oct 12: San Diego, California
Oct 17: Denver, Colorado
Oct 23: Saint Louis, Missouri
Oct 24: Chicago, Illinois
Oct 25: Indianapolis, Indiana
Oct 26: Detroit, Michigan
Oct 29: Cleveland, Ohio
Oct 30: Toronto, Ontario
Nov 1: Montreal, Quebec
Nov 6: Portland, Maine
Nov 7: Hampton, New Hampshire
Nov 8: New York, New York

Nov 17: Nottingham, UK
Nov 18: Leeds, UK
Nov 19: Manchester, UK
Nov 20: Glasgow, UK
Nov 22: Oxford, UK
Nov 23: Bristol, UK
Nov 24: Birmingham, UK
Nov 25: London, UK
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@joep108: Awesome hang today with @TPROfficial Killer “Pinball Wizard” cover in soundcheck

@joep108: Awesome hang today with @TPROfficial Killer “Pinball Wizard” cover in soundcheck

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